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Alien Abductions— Who's really been abducted? A report on the Roper data.
Conversing with Animals— Animal Communicator, Nedda Whittels, can tell you what's on your pet's mind.
Extraterrestrials— A passing fad?
Feng Shui— Part 1- The ancient Chinese art of placement.
Feng Shui- Part 2— Deadly Sha and poison arrows.
Feng Shui- Part 3— The final episode.
Remote Viewing— Who's watching whom? We may all have the ability to "see" what's happening miles away.
Remote Viewing a Grey Alien— A British remote viewer "connects" with an extraterrestrial and shares it with us.
ESP & LST— Science links psychic ability to the galaxy.
The Whaley House— America's most haunted? Come inside and see for yourself.
Catching Spirits on Film— Mike Roberge, Paranormal Researcher shares tips and trade secrets.
Testing Telepathy Under Hypnosis— A self-taught hypnotist describes encounters with telepathy.
Unusual Photos— Camera straps or spirits? Paranormal researchers, photo technicians and readers respond.
Remote Challenge— Find out how you did with testing your remote viewing abilities. An ongoing challenge.
They Call Her Flipper— Miriam Garabrant uses "subsonic power" to heal people and relationships.
Lost Time & Alien Encounters— Two readers share their unusual encounters with something unexplained.
Straightline Remote Sensing— The first in a series of articles describing the remote sensing process.
Straightline Remote Sensing- Part 2— Learn the next exercise.
Straightline Remote Sensing- Part 3— Entering the Abyss
Straightline Remote Sensing- Part 4— Reaching Out
Straightline Remote Sensing- Part 5— Between time and space. How we "see" the target.
Staightline Remote Sensing- Part 6— Between time and space, Part 2.
Staightline Remote Sensing- Part 7— What is reality, really? Don't miss the final part.
House— The story of a haunted domicile and the spell it had on one man.
Alien Abductions— Who's really being abducted? A report on the Roper data.
Unusual Photo— Can you identify the "lines" in this photo?
We are the Whirled— Is America spinning the world in to a breakdown or a breakthrough?
An Enlightening Look into the Eye of America— Do the prophetic symbols on the Great Seal indicate transformation?

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