Strange Images... Camera Straps or Spirits?


Last month we aired the photos of Carissa, submitted by her grandmother, along with the following letter.


I have some photographs that might be of interest to you... not for sale, just for viewing and to share. I believe other people have had similar experiences and may be able to explain what's happening.

Since 1994, I have been taking photos of my grand daughter, Carissa, and there have been "beings" appearing with her. It began on October of 1994 when I first noticed that some of my pictures didn't come out right. It has happened in different cities and with different cameras and film -- but always with Carissa. The last photo was in December of 1997.


Since Carissa's photos appeared we have had much e-mail from photographers, photo technicians, viewers and those involved with paranormal research and activity.

We thought we'd share with you some comments we received. Unfortunately, the mail received was too numerous to post in total. What we have chosen is representative of the remarks we received.

Photographers and photo technicians

I have been a photographer for 9 years now, and have worked in photolabs up until a year or two ago, and have seen all sorts of mysterious phenomena in photos that were easily explained. This seems to be one of them.

I know, your asking "Why would the supposed strap only appear in the photos of the little girl?" I think I have an answer to that as well. Normally, when a professional photographer shoots a child, he either brings the child up to his level or gets down to the child's level. Not so with the typical "amateur" photographer. So, if you'll notice, the camera always seems to be tilted at a downwards angle when their shooting photos of the child, a perfect way to get the strap flopping around in front of the lens.

OK, now your probably wondering why they wouldn't have seen the strap in the viewfinder when they were shooting the photo. The reason is simple. When you look into the viewfinder of a point and shoot style camera, you are not looking through the lens, but instead a viewfinder, located usually above and to the left or right of the lens. So you wouldn't have seen the strap when you were shooting the photo.



Having worked in the photo finishing industry for nearly 15 years, I would be willing to bet that the streaks in the baby picture are the strap from the
camera. I have seen this on many occasions.



I was just looking at the "mystery" photos. I hate to be a skeptic, (I hate skeptics) but I'm reasonably sure the mystery figure in the photos is a camera strap, you know, the thin kind that wraps around your wrist.


Comments from Readers

I have always been fascinated with the paranormal and other related topics. I am presently reading a book called "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield. The book talks about how everything in life is surrounded by energy, but the people of today are too preoccupied to see it. Its hard to explain it in my own words, but maybe what we are seeing in those photos is that energy described in "The Celestine Prophecy".



I actually looked at the pictures of Carissa and her "friends" on this website. At first I thought it was just a blur -- someone doesn't know how to properly take pictures and where to place the light.

However, the explanation part of it mentioned the "friends" vibrating. This reminded me of a book that I have read: The Ninth Insight by James Redfield. The theory in this book is that people do not actually die, they just vibrate on a level closer to G*d and beyond normal perspectives. This could possibly account for the theories that only children can see "ghosts", and also what is happening around Carissa.



I thought i was the only one with that on my pictures. But one day i got a link to viewzone. I wasn't even searching for any type of the sort of things that viewzone had but i saw it. I scrolled down and saw the picture with the same scary thing and i had to read it. That's how my story got on here. I talked to my friend and she said "maybe its your guardian angel, since the story about the girl, the being has been with her since she was small". (Photos below)


In the picture of the girl, in the mirror, you can see the reflection of a little girl. The hair is on the side if you can see it. Its on the mirror, at the bottom of it, something stands out, looks like a girl with the hair on the side. And also, the pictures i took don't look like a camera strap, especially the one with the dog. My camera doesn't have a strap.


Those Involved in Paranormal Research, Etc.

I actually remember these photographs when I saw them air on the TV show "The Other Side." I also remember the so-called "expert" who claimed that the images were "clearly or definately PLASTIC TUBING." I remember screaming at the television that I had hundreds of similar photos and boy wouldn't I love to debate that "expert"!! I have found, these same images, particularly what I have termed "DRYER HOSES" (for lack of a better term, and to keep it lighthearted) appear many times in around and near children and the elderly. Many psychic associates of mine claim they "feel" angelic or spirit guide energy quality about them and I tend to agree. We all have our attending guides and angles but children, being closer to the spiritual plane by virtue of where they just arrived from, are thought to enter with at least two and with the coming millenium, it is getting easier and easier to capture these images on film. If you'd like to see many more examples of these and other types of "SPIRIT ENERGY", please visit the Cosmic Society website.

Donna Quinn
Cosmic Society



Let me introduce myself. I am Charles C. Pelton. I am a researcher of photographic phenomenon, among other things. My research in the metaphysical field spans some 45 years... As a researcher of haunted dwellings, I use this type of photography to document entities within these locations... I saw the photograph of the "tube's" around the little girl on your site and wanted to pass on some comments. This phenomena is not unusual. I have hundreds of photo's such as this... The phenomena is usually found where entities are present. When I saw the picture on your site I was moved to comment. It is evident that there was an entity in the room when this picture was taken.



Mike Roberge of the Paranormal Research Center of Rhode Island gives his comments, along with photography tips in this month's article: Capturing Spirits on Film... Is it Possible?



It is obvious from these comments that one's opinion of the photographs is directly related their personal experiences and beliefs. It is not our intent to convince you one way or the other-- merely to present the comments and photos here for your review.


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