Alien Races: A Passing Fancy?

by Geraldo Fuentes

One of the most popular topics for newsgroups on the internet is aliens. I'm not referring to the new cook at the Greek restaurant either. I mean like from "out there," which is an equally descriptive phrase for some of the current theories being discussed and argued these days on the web.

I'm not new to these kinds of groups. My fascination with extraterrestrials and the ample gratification I got was one of my main attractions to the Internet, starting with my first experience with a so-called Bulletin Boards on America On Line. The internet, like television, had its own self-validation. That is to say, if you saw it on television or read a message posted by "Doctor James Hyena of the Astronomical Society for Non-Earth Lifeforms in Essex, England" then it was, of course, true fact. Life was exciting back then.

The newsgroups are not so quick to believe in either aliens or UFO stories these days. The peak of their alien fad came about two years ago. For several months there were rumors of a film that showed an actual medical autopsy of an alien creature. It was later suggested that this was a creature from the famous Roswell crash in 1947 and we were "leaked" information about how the film was tested and showed evidence that it was from this era...

For many more months the newsgroups were sustained by speculation and anticipation of the first public showings of this old black and white film. Select press members were given private showings and, when their enthusiasm was not fitting the event, it was hypothesized that they were either in "emotional shock" or were down-playing the story so as to "protect the public."

Surprisingly, I actually thought the now famous "Santilli" film was well done. The aliens were not unexpected. They had bigger heads, bigger eyes and extra digits. They were also short - and very dead. The comments on he newsgroups were ones of great anticipation. Everyone was sure that some swell of cultural trauma or of an upsurge of interest in aliens would prompt demands for disclosure of UFO data from our government. But nothing happened.

It seems clear that we are already accustomed to the idea of aliens among us. It is as interesting to us as the president's private life, but, in the end, what does it really mean to OUR every day routines?

The age of realism is nearing another revival. Just look at some of the "threads" of discussion on the most popular alien and UFO newsgroups:

--Even if they are all day living among us that does not change anything. I will still have to wake up every morning and go to work, and do the same kind of stuff I do every day!

--Yea, but if they mutilated YOUR cow and cored its butt you might be singing a different song. Those cows cost money.

--I agree, but many UFOologists believe that if They step out into the public, all of humanity will have a collective breakdown. UFOologists make a habit of underestimating fellow humans.

--And if they don't, your children or yourself may be killed by some alien fanatic out on some paranoid massacre.

--It's my opinion that they do NOT exist, however HUMANS have been developing disc-shaped (and other shaped) UFO aircraft since the mid 1940's. The sightings of these HUMAN built aircrafts since 1947 have been blamed on good ole Mr. ET. The disclosure of this technology MATTERS a lot! Not only will the disclosure of this technology hinder the monetary revenues of many very rich people, it will cause the TRUE blame of past UFO sightings and atrocities to be blamed on HUMANS. The physics have been being researched for 100 years, technology has been in development for over 50 years. The disclosure of this technology would precipitate a re-write of physics as we know it. Even IF Mr. ET has been making contemporary visits to this planet, HUMANS still have (and has had for quite some time) this technology.

--AS far as you "waking up every morning and going to work", if this technology was disclosed, in a very short amount of time, if you were a delivery man of fuel oil, worked at a nuclear power plant, or pumped gas for a living, you would be OUT of a job.

--The release of this technology would change the socioeconomic structure of this planet. For some very rich people, this would be a very UGLY sight.

--This whole UFO quandary is about physics and technology that became classified information. The BEST way to keep this information classified and hidden (when there have been sightings of these HUMAN designed and built aircraft for 50 years) is to blame it on something that does not exist (*visiting* aliens). Even IF *visiting* aliens do exist, they still would make a great scapegoat, as long as they remain elusive.

--Yes, but then we'd be reading about alien fashions, and alien music, and nightclubs and people would all want to dress like aliens and do the same cool stuff aliens do.

--There's be a dance craze called "The Probe". Bill Clinton would be photographed committing a physically impossible act with an alien. We'd all be ordering radiation-braised cow rectums with lemongrass and chipoltes in trendy restaurants.

--Yeah, Rolling Stone would feature aliens on the cover, and it would be revealed that Jann Wenner had been having a year-long "experimental relationship" with an alien. Tatoos and piercings would become completely unfashionable because everyone would want an implant. -- In other words, it would be just like today.

--Not necessarily. There are a lot of things we Earth folk don't know about. If these aliens manage to make it to Earth, you can pretty much figure that they know a least a little bit more about some things than we do. One of these things might be the nature of life and consciousness. For the sake of argument, say they've figured out how to take what makes a person an individual and move it from organism to organism or machine to machine. And say it doesn't cost you anything. You'd essentially be immortal. So are you just going to keep waking up every morning and going to work doing the same stuff forever?

--Could get pretty boring after about 1000 years, don't you think?

--There are no reports by the Chinese about seeing UFO's, despite their awareness of the Western world's interest in them. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm........

While the interest in non-humans has ebbed, it has not disappeared. Paranoia of the continued cover-up by the government, "Men In Black" or the Mummers will always leave the skeptics searching for that which is in the shadows of the known. At present, many of the lurkers of alien newsgroups have had their attention turned to super-humans. Theories abound that the human species contains powers and abilities that, like a program on a hard drive, need to be launched. This analogy of human potential and the machines that this potential has created will be next months feature. We'll focus on a particular phenomenon called "Remote Viewing."

Until then, keep your head up and your job intact.

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