frontiers in science  

Telomeres— Science may have discovered immortality.
Ancient Mysteries— The Piri Re'is map of 1513.
Biorhythms— Check your biorhythms.
Molecular Nanotechnology— Giant Amoebas Invade Cities? Tiny cubes could soon be walking the dog.
Kennewick Man— A 9,000 year old man found in Washington state is quickly buried in controversy.
Your Handwriting— Part 1- Handwriting analyst, Gary Thomas reveals what your handwriting could say about you.
Your Handwriting— Part 2- Emotional Control, Reliability and Concentration.
Your Handwriting— Part 3- President Clinton's "zones" are analyzed.
Your Handwriting— Part 4- Are you a loner, or do you like crowds?
Your Handwriting— Part 5- A complete sample analysis, plus the last two of the nine steps.
Handwriting— The Ramsey Case- An analysis of the ransom note left at the Ramsey home.
Handwriting— The Ramsey Case 2- Gary Thomas continues with comments on the murder.
Ken Starr: Public Enemy No. 1— Gary Thomas points out interesting characteristics in Starr's writing.
Synchronicity— Is there something more to coincidence?
The Psychology of Color Preference— This simple test may reveal your main causes of stress and unhappiness.
The Psychology of Color Preference: Part 2— The color choices further explained.
The Amazing Brain Music Adventure— Stimulating your amygdala promises rich mental & spiritual rewards.
Synchronize Your Brain Waves— Brainwave synchronization controls your emotions and can change your destiny.
Cloaking Devices— Technology can now make anyone or anything disappear.
Neurolinguistics— An insight into how others get their message across.
A Face on Mars— The Mars Global Surveyor solves an old mystery.
The Cassini Probe— Has careless use of plutonium already doomed life on Earth? Shocking research says "yes."
Shifting Poles— Our thin-skinned Earth is not as stable as we thought.
Year 2000 and Beyond— From microwave ovens to missles, embedded chips could bring life to a grinding stop.
Mars: America's New Frontier— Some say a Mars venture is for another generation. Dr. Robert Zubrin says, "now."
Homosexuality. Is it Natural?— Research reveals that homosexuality stems from a natural cause.
Sun Storms— Unseen solar disturbances can have cataclysmic effects. Another cycle of storms is due- "are we prepared?"
What is Beauty?— What is it about some people that makes the rest of us sigh with envy?
Jurassic Art— Found in a Peruvian cave, these old stones suggest humans and dinosaurs lived together.
Jurrasic Art— The Ica Stones— Medical transplants and astronomy depicted on ancient stones exposed by flood.
Repo Mane— One man's quest for thicker hair.
Nuts— Essential oils and your diet.
St. John's Wort— An ancient remedy fiinds its place in modern medicine.
Fiber— Do we really need it in our diet?
Do We Really Need Sleep?— How I survived (just barely) without sleep.
Breathe to Win— A guide to breathing techniques.
Water— Why drink it?
Stress— 10 simple stress reduction techniques.
ask dr. judith
Freak Accident— Does this mother have reason to worry?
Divorced Woman's New Love— Dating a married man will bring you down.
Herpes Makes Her Feel Dirty— A reader consults Dr. Judith about her herpes problem.
Ask Dr. Judith— Reader says, "My soulmate's wild parties frighten me!"

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