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Qigong and the Unutterable Mysteries of Music

The BioMusic Conspiracy: Secrets of the Rainbow Serpent Flute Goddess

The Secret Science of Spiritual Healing

How to Listen to and Resonate the Fundamental Frequency Force


A First Person Account...

Will Our Sun Flare In 2023?

Something big is coming our way from the galactic center and it's almost here...

How Fear of Dying Affects Everything We Do In Life

China's Military Goes Underground!

Photos & GPS...MORE...

Check Out China's
Secret Area 51

Discovered back in 2012, this remote site is surrounded by many bizarre antennae and secret installations. Is China developing their own ET base? MORE...

A New Theory to Explain Chemtrails

Check it out...

Are You Programmed To Get Old?

Science reveals soon you may be able to live forever! MORE...

Brain To Brain Direct Communication

It's real and ready to impact your futute. MORE...

Are We Really Beings Of Light?

Russian scientists claim that our DNA molecules can communicate within a cell by UV light. Their experiments confirm this. Check it out. MORE...

4 Sports Conspiracies: Are They True?

Some things you didn't know... MORE...

Prickle feelings in spirituality and holistic medicine

The spiritual significance of hair stanging on end. MORE...

Current Technology Can Own Your Soul

This how they control you. MORE...

Reverse Engineering A UFO

What have scientists learned and how might we use this knowledge? MORE...

The Inexpensive Cancer Cure
Big Pharma Hides...

For just $2 per dose! MORE...

Do We Already Know Aliens Exist?

Here's what we know... MORE

What Does This Symbol On Your Groceries Mean?

Exposing the hidden Tax MORE...

The End of Time in 6 Years?

The Kali Yuga is in 2025 MORE...

Psychic Photos: Capturing Spirits On Cameras

Is it possible this is what we are seeing? MORE...

Scientists Prove We're NOT From HERE!

Shocking revelation! MORE...

The Dark Side of JFK

Underage girlfriend speaks. MORE...

BREXIT & The Alien Agenda!

A Unique Take On BREXIT & The EU. MORE...

Is Sirius Our Sun's Twin?

Evidence that we are part of a binary sun system. MORE...

Your Lying Eyes!

Here's how to tell if someone is lying to you MORE...

Just 16 Cargo Ships Make Same Pollution As All The Cars In The World!

Cough cough... MORE...

Abiotic Oil is Real & Everywhere!

New research exposes the fossil fuel myth. MORE...


It's neither Saturday nor Sunday MORE...

Can Your Cat Make You Sick?

A common feline parasite can make you stupid or sexy! MORE...

Where Are YOU In Your Brain?

Exploring where you live in your mind MORE...

Was Modern Orthopaedics known to Egyptian healers?

The Story of Usermontu's Secret MORE...

The HINDU Origins of the Olmecs

Historian Gene Matlock reveals the convincing evidence MORE...

A Dramatic Story of Free Energy

The Secret They Don't Want You To Know! MORE...

Where Do Grey Aliens Come From?

Some history and theories MORE...

FREE Handwriting Analysis Lessons

What does it reveal about you or your friends...

An Argument Against Human Caused Climate Change:

The earth's magnetic field impacts climate: Danish study


The origins of consciousness, religion and belief! Who (or what) are we? Be warned, this story will mess you up!

Can You Solve This Mystery?

What do the Hopi Indians know about MOTHMAN?

It's the motivation for EVERYTHING!

Will he return?

New Research On Personality & Changes To Your Brain!

To change your personality you need to reconfigure your brain. Here's how...

Sexy Foods For Better First Dates

Dorje: symbol of enlightenment

Growing New Body Parts & Reversing Aging... here & now!

Multiple Personality & Possession Explained

How Does the H-Bomb Work?

How Does Pot Work?

Technology explains the high...check it out

Labyrinths: Ancient Symbols With A Hidden Message


Why don't we all know about this?

Is There Life After Death?

Share YOUR experiences...

Why We Abandoned The Moon

ANOMALUNA explores some of the weirdness on the Moon that virtually shut down the space program decades ago. Weird is an understatement! MORE...

Are YOU beautiful?

Does The Federal Reserve Actually 'Own' Your Life?

Just check your original birth certificate and you will learn the shocking truth. We are all collateral for the National Debt! MORE...

Anti-Gravity Ages Humans!


Dragons , Monsters and Fabulous Beasts

Fantastic creatures from myth and history. Are they real?...

Is LOVE Just A Chemical Reaction?

MRI Brain Scans look at 5 different kinds of love and how they affect us all, for better & worse...


A powerful tool used to manipulate relationships, politics and just about everything else!

How it all started...

Scientists zapped eggs and seeds and the unexpected happened!

You can try it yourself!

Did Clovis Witness The Massive Solar Event That Ended The Ice Age?

Photos &...MORE...

China's Area 51

Read details...MORE...

How do fingerprints work?

Why everyone is unique MORE...

What Does Islam Really Think About Homosexuals?

What's all the worry about? MORE...

ENORMOUS Craft(?) Photographed On Moon

A story buried by the main stream media that deserves more attention. MORE...

Who Was Here First?

A new "politically incorrect" discovery places Europeans in N. America much earlier than Asians. MORE...

Death, Trance, & Cosmic Spirit Exorcism: Science of Spiritual Healing (2.0)

The Second installation by Drew Hempel M.A. MORE...

New UFO Pics from MUFON

Is Modern Music Making You Violent?

Since the Neanderthals, music has been intuitively tuned to a specific pitch (A=432 hertz). This music had inspired, taught, healed and entertained for tens of thousands of years. But that all changed.

In 1939, Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels insisted that Europe adopt a new "standard" pitch (A=440 hertz), designed to stimulate aggression and increase productivity through implanted anxiety. READ MORE...

Alien Technology Delivered To The Nazis: Real History

It's an historic fact that members of the Vril were exceptionally beautiful with very long hair. These women helped design Germany's first flying disc. Who were they? ...MORE

Do Plants Have Feelings? Look!

The amazing and hidden life of plants MORE...

Did the Polio Vaccine kill your parents or grandparents?

The original live vaccine was infected with cancer causing monkey virus! MORE...

The REAL 'House of Cards'

Get ready for the shameful truth about our top leaders.

TELOMERASE: The Eternal Elixir

The truth about enlightenment.

Mono-atomic Gold:
Gateway to another dimension?

Russian Report Says Python Missile Downed MH17 In Ukraine

Read details...MORE...

A New Theory & Treatment For Aging

You probably have it in your kitchen. MORE...

Excellent UFO Picture

Fresh sighting info from MUFON. MORE...

PTSD: The Demons of War

A first hand account of trauma that lasts long after the battle. MORE...

Why Yemen Is The New Warfront

Not many people have ever visited Yemen. But I have. It's the poorest nation in the region, literally back in the stone age. But it does have something even more precious than oil or gold. It's been a closely guarded secret -- until now. MORE...

Think you know Vladimir Putin?? Look Again...

He's being portrayed as the new boogeyman in the new militarized corporate media, which always needs a villain to sell more war toys. But take another look at this man of character and leadership. You just might wish there were more of his kind leading the world today. MORE...

Is There Anything To Reincarnation?

You Won't Believe This!

Fake Australian Hieroglyphs Fool Many Illuminati Invade the Rap Music Biz Amazing: The 10% Solution to Social Change
Mormon Hoax Hurts Church & Many Flee Faith For Good Mayan artefacts or Modern Scam? See the evidence. Blood Type & Diseases Linked:
R U Vulnerable?
The Kosher Tax Is On Everything We All Have a Thorium Energy Future Sacred Geometry: Snowflake & flower
Chemtrails Revisited: New Theories OBESITY: New research about being big Vril Women of WWII: Alien Contact
China's HAARP facility uses fractal design The Great Grid of China Explosions at China's AREA 51
Remote viewers predict meteor impact 2012-2013 Personality, Possession & Prophecy Mind Kontrolle MK-ULTRA: then & now
Forever Toxic Teflon: Throw out those pans! Occult Symbols In Plain Sight LBJ killed JFK: New fingerprint evidence
Galactic Superwave & Expanding Earth Theory Science Unravels Homosexuality Uncontacted Amazon Tribes or Inexpensive Beef?
A new drug that stops aging!
ORMUS: an edible superconductor Neural Fields Are Discovered: Brain is NOT computer!
Why we never returned to the Moon Proof there is life BEFORE life! Secrets of enlightenment
Hollow Earth Theories Revisited Alien Abductions Disclosed: Here's what's out there! Where do the Greys come from?
A New Theory of Evolution!
Are Humans Really Beings of Light? Your DNA can talk. Morgellons Is Man Made -proof!
New caves under the pyramids raise excitement. New dates for the life of Buddah. How our brains determine beauty.
Gray Alien caught on SA tape? Will Cognitive Dissonance Fool You? It's easy to make an H-BOMB! Just add lithium
Noah's Ark is discovered (again) in Turkey! Alien spacecraft on the Moon! SMALLPOX:
The Weapon
Evidence that Gravity Waves cause earthquakes. Birth Control Pills are interfering with evolution! Has Planet X been discovered yet?
Abiotic Oil is very REAL and it's everywhere! FREE ENERGY: they will kill you for developing it! 200,000 Yr Old Metropolis found in Africa!
Where is consciousness located in the brain? Fear of death creates the idea of beauty Mebendazole: Secret Miracle Cancer Cure
Moslems are also waiting for their Messiah The ANT PEOPLE of Orion: Hopi Culture The famous Piri Reis map of 1513: Antarctica?
The Flying Shields of the Hopi Kachinas New DNA data suggests this is an ALIEN SKULL! A 1700 year old computer discovered!
Mysterious Stone Balls of Costa Rica Labyrinths - Walk on the wild side! The Sacred Thyia Tree - origin of the magic wand
Ceasar's Comet - does it warn of doomsday? Who was the Biblical ABRAHAM really? Ancient holes in Peru puzzle archaeologists



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