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Within the last 4 years, scientists have discovered the largest, recorded, solar flare to date. In this case, the star was Proxima Centauri, the sun's closest neighbor. They also discovered that the sun's fourth closest neighbor, Barnard's star, emitted a giant solar flare. Both flares were emitted in 2019. Both stars are within 4.5 light years from earth. Both could have been produced by a root cause. Both were large enough to destroy the technology that make's today's civilization run.

Evidence from ancient civilizations indicate that very large solar flares were responsible for their demise.

The recent discovery of giant flares on Proxima Centauri and Barnard's star should tell the world to take a hard look at what these flares mean to Earth's survival.


Proxima Centauri is a small, red dwarf, located 4.2465 light-years (1.3020 pc) away from the Sun in the southern constellation of Centaurus. ... It was discovered in 1915 by Robert Innes and is the nearest-known star to the Sun.



On May 1 2019, scientists discovered the largest flare ever to come from Proxima Centauri, and one of the largest solar flares ever to come from our galaxy.

It was determined to be 100 times more powerful than those emitted by the Sun. It lasted 7 seconds and was determined to be an X100 class flare. (EV)

According to David Mauriello writing for ElectroVerse, the current drop in Earth's magnetic field strength to below 10 percent of its maximum, combined with a possible galactic mass of magnetic energy travelling to Earth (the mass travels under the speed of light), a real possibility that the Sun mega-flaring during the summer of 2023 exists.


Barnard's Star is a red dwarf about six light-years from Earth in the constellation of Ophiuchus. It is the fourth-nearest-known individual star to the Sun after the three components of the Alpha Centauri system, and the closest star in the northern celestial hemisphere.(gp)


In 2019, two additional ultraviolet stellar flares were detected, each with far-ultraviolet energy of 3x1022 joules, together with one X-ray stellar flare with energy 1.6x1022 joules.

The flare rate observed to date is enough to cause loss of 87 Earth atmospheres per billion years through thermal processes and about 3 Earth atmospheres per billion years through ion loss processes on Barnard's Star.

Did a common mechanism act to produce the flares on both stars. If so, what are the implications for our sun?


Paul LaViollette

Paul LaViollette proposed the existence of a recurring galactic super wave of energized particles and gamma waves launched from the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

The energy was on a tremendous scale, enough to generate Solar Flares on the Sun, create glass donuts on the moon, large amounts of stellar dust in ice core samples and fused rocks on Earth. He believed that the wave strikes every 12000+- year intervals. His work is covered in detail at ViewZone. In fact, this coverage was an inspiration to write this article.

Dr Violette theory encouraged archeologists to push dates for civilized man back thousands of years. At present, Dr Robert Schoch has reached 9700 BCE, and has produced evidence that a Global event resulted in the end of the ice age and initiated the Solar induced dark ages, lasting until approximately 3000 BCE.

Robert Schoch

Robert Schoch was a research archeologist when he noticed that the Sphinx in Egypt wasn't quite right. He found water erosion on a structure that was believed to have existed in the desert for thousands of years. If his findings proved to be correct, and most scientists believe that to be the case, the Egyptian civilization must go back thousands of years more, interrupted by catastrophes. Something caused the civilization to rise and fall.

Dr Schoch found evidence in Egypt that included not only water erosion but rocks fused into glass. He believes that a solar event fused the glass, melted the ice, and wore away rock monuments, the Sphinx included. In another part of the world -- Easter Island -- Schoch believed in a long history of Easter Island monuments and writing.

Schoch and Peratt see similarities between the Rongorongo hieroglyphs and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Both look like the lights that are created when lightning strikes in plasma. Both could be recorded accounts from witnesses of the event.

Gobekli Tepe falls during this period. Anatolians go into caves.

Above: The underground city of Derinkuyu could protect 20,000 people with about 20 levels found so far.

According to Dr Schoch, the ancient Egyptians and Indians worshipped a conscious Sun. It believed that the sun had a personality that was subject to change. He believes that the "mood changes" refer to phases of solar cycles?

Carrington Event

The Carrington Event provides evidence of what a very large solar event can do. It remains the poster flare for scientists, politicians and concerned citizens who worry about the effects one would have on life as we know it. Just before noon on 1 September, the Astronomers Richard Carrington discovered an X15 Solar Flare. The CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) it produced took 17.6 hours to reach earth. No one was electrocuted but telegraph operators were repeatedly shocked when using the telegraph lines that remained. Smaller flares in the 60's produced radio interference, flares in the 80's caused the 1989 Quebec power outage.

In 2012, the sun ejected a Carrington class flare that missed the earth by 9 days of a 25 day rotational period.


William Forstchen, of "One Second After" fame, Peter Pry, and Roscoe Bartlett, among others, speak for a concerned minority who fear the effects of the next big flare. They point out that 85% of people will die within twelve months of the event. They are quick to point out that the power grid of any country that is not hardened will be down for years as the post flare technology will severely hamper getting and installing the replacement parts needed to re-enable the grid. Transportation will not be available, medicine will not be available, the police will be in short supply, food will be in short supply, mob violence will be found everywhere.

Compounding the problem is a by-product of nuclear weapons, the artificial solar flare, the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse weapon). Nations that have the capacity to deliver a Hiroshima size bomb 200 miles above earth can detonate a device that could destroy electronics within a 1000 mile radius. A couple of them could destroy the unshielded power grid, and all unshielded electronics, in the United States. At present, nine nations have nukes. South Africa had them and gave them up in 1991. Iran is working very hard to have the capability to produce them. All of the nations in the nuclear club have missiles that can send a device 200 miles up. The major powers have the capability to send a nuke into orbit or be exploded during the beginning of World War Three. To be thorough, they would explode a lot of them. North Korea's KMS-4 satellite is believed to circle the earth ~ 350 miles up every 96 minutes.

Unlike the possibility of a nuclear war, advocates for a hardened grid worry because the odds of the Sun emitting an X Class killer flare are 100%. It's not if but when. The Hopis see fire ending the fourth world. The Bible see the world ended not by water but by fire. Prophecies coming from both traditions see it sooner than later.

Attempting to modernize the art of prediction using 21st century standards, a couple of people claim to see the disaster, in our immediate future, using high tech tools. Both claim that their technologies arrive at the conclusion that the readers of viewzone should greatly fear.

Edwin Deagle was the owner of up to his death in February 2021. He was a member of the CFR, he won the Legion of Merit in Vietnam, he was the Director of International Relations for the Rockefeller Foundation, he was nominated by Bill Clinton to be Under Secretary of the Air Force.

His website analyzed the economic and military composition of the nations around the world. Based on his findings, he would publish a prediction of future population and economic growth for these countries. His rankings would vary from year to year but became consistent over the last few years. Before he died, he published an analysis of them.

The Deagle report projected a decrease in population for the majority of countries in the west to range from:

  • United States population in 2022 = 332M but in 2025 = 100M
    (a loss of 232 Milliom people!)
  • Great Britain population in 2022 = 68M but in 2025 = 15M
    (a loss of 53 Million people!)
  • Canada population in 2022 = 38M but in 2025 = 26M
    (a loss of 12 Million people!)
  • France population in 2022 = 66M but in 2025 = 39M
    (a loss of 27 Million people!)
  • Germany population in 2022 = 84M but in 2025 = 42M
    (a loss of 42 Million people!)
  • Australia population in 2022 = 25M but in 2025 = 15M
    (a loss of 10 Million people!)

Mr Deagle believed that an economic collapse will occur and a third world war launched. The result of that war would see the western nations fall prey to the high standard of living that contributed to their lack of resilience in the post war era. Eastern countries fared much better. They had seen hardships in the past and were equipped to cope with them in the future. In fact, China will experience population growth.

Ed Dames was a DIA technical remote view. After his retirement, he continued to work with a team of remote viewers and teach remote viewing. He became both famous and infamous for his Predictions of future events on Art Bell's Coast to Coast radio show, hosted both by Art Bell and George Noory. His appearances on the show continue as of today.

Whether it was the robots on Mars or the Plant Pathogen that would destroy Africa in the 90s, Ed continued to deliver remote views that never ceased to entertain me. And still do. I did notice, however, that Ed refused to dwell on remotely viewed predictions that didn't materialize. He'd view new scenarios. With one exception.

In the late nineties, Ed started introducing Art's audience the "Kill Shot", a solar flare that hits earth and kills the biblically proportioned number of humans.

He also viewed safe havens to give the audience a chance to survive. He also included live workshops that gave the attendees an even better chance to survive. In other words, Major Dames has taken this remotely viewed event very seriously. His dedication to this vision seems out of character, but very provocative.

What if Ed Deagle had a very strong feeling that something was terribly wrong with the immediate future but couldn't quite put his finger on the extent of it? What if Ed Dames really does view a Kill Shot and he simply can't take his eyes off it.

What if the visionaries that wrote the bible saw the events described in Revelations 16:8?

What if the Hopi prophecies that foretold the railroad tracks, airplanes, space stations and fiery ending are right?

What if a Galactic Super wave really did hit Proxima Centauri and Barnard's Star in 2019 and produced killer flares? What if the earth has another year or two to harden the grid against the arrival of that same wave and prevent the end of the world as we know it? What if we're running out of time?

Which brings me to a movie that should be a must for people who read this article. Is "Don't Look Up" still on Netflix?

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