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Gene Matlock: The India, Turkey, Mexico Connection


Editor's Note: For almost ten years, Viewzone has been proud to introduce readers to the exceptional and often controversial work of Gene Matlock. Gene has been credited with, almost single handedly, focusing historians and archaeoligists on the cultural similarities between the indigenous people of Mexico, past and present, and the ancient cultures of India and Turkey.

Gene examines common words in use by everyday people, their cultural traditions and even their religious beliefs and "gods" to make an exhaustive comparison that must make even the most skeptical historian pause and re-examine history. His intelligently written articles have been the topic of hundreds of on-line "blogs" and of classroom discussions in universities and livingrooms all over the globe.

Gene is the author of numerous books on this topic and presents some of his most provacative theories for the readers of Viewzone. Enjoy!

During my speaking engagement In Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico about the Hindu-Turkic origin of the ancient Mexicans during April 25, 26, 27, 28, in 2007, the Hindus present expressed their extreme displeasure that most nations in the world refuse to recognize the truth that the ancient Hindus and Turks are the parents of this world. Nearly every person reading this article has a Turkic or Hindu last name. Yet, most humans on earth will swear that they're anything but.

Right now, the Mexicans and Hindus are collectively accepting the truth of their millenniums-old kinship, both genetically and culturally. I discovered this fact on my own, more than three decades ago. I hope that through my articles, books and other writings, our Hindu and Turkic parents will get the recognition and respect they so well deserve.

Hopefully, the truth that we are all blood brothers may inspire us to stop killing one another.

--Gene Matlock

Suggested List of Books by Gene D. Matlock. All books published by iUniverse.

Jesus and Moses Are Buried in India, Birthplace of Abraham and the Hebrews. ISBN: 0-595-13468-8.
Note: This book led to Mr. Matlock's discovery that all human beings descend from the Turks and Hindus. At the time he wrote this book, which took more than 20 years of research, he had succumbed to a popular Hindu lie that the Aryans were either inventions of European whites or white devils. Later, he found out that the Aryans were just all the homo-sapien-sapien races of mankind. Other than his erroneous appraisal of the Aryans, the book is an excellent reference manual for students of comparative religion. When Mr. Matlock finished the book, he was 100 percent sure that Jesus was buried in India. One of his readers, author Suzanne Ollson, decided to visit Kashmir for a few weeks, wanting to corroborate Mr. Matlock's findings. She ended up staying several years, writing her excellent book, Jesus in Kashmir, The Lost Tomb. Mr. Matlock states that after reading Suzanne's book, he became 200 percent sure.

India Once Ruled the Americas! ISBN: 0-595-1346-8. Mr. Matlock confesses that he also erroneously made demons of the Aryans when in reality they were just modern humans of all races.

Nature's Religion Versus Mankind's Spiritual Frauds. ISBN: 0-595-28208-3.

Christianity-Mankind's First Worldwide Religion! Yes, Christianity preceded all known religions, contrary to our mental conditioning that it is just over 2,000 years old. It is the granddaddy of Buddhism and India's Isvar or Shiva religion. No other religion preceded it. ISBN-13: 978-0-595-36511-0.

The Ego - Mankind's Inner Terrorist! ISBN-13:978-0-595-36181-6. Mr. Matlock wrote this book about India's Jnana Yoga before he even knew what Jnana Yoga was. An Iuniverse Editor's Choice.

What Strange Mystery Unites the Turkish Nations, India, Catholocis and Mexico? ISBN: 0-595-39446-9. Mr. Matlock says that of all the books he has ever written, this one is his favorite.

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