The Orthodox Jews Are Right.

by Gene D. Matlock

The World is just 5,000 years old!

By Gene D. Matlock

Israel and its surrounding Moslem neighbors are presently playing the bloodiest game in human history. Three teams are lined up to play both with and against one another. The three teams are the Zionists (who are not concerned about religious practices and doctrines--least of all about prophesies), the fundamentalist Christians, and the hard--hitting Moslems.

The following are the rules of this deadly game: The team who can kill out the other two are the winners. Jesus or 'The Messiah' will sell out to the two winners, exterminating any survivors of the losing team. The Mayan ball games symbolized the end of the Kali Yuga Age which they claim will end in 2012 A.D. The losers forfeited their lives. It must be a fun game, or so many people wouldn't want to play it!

All the three teams scorn the Orthodox Jews who maintain that such a scary game will not invite the favor of the Messiah. They say, 'Put your arms down right now. Your game will really destroy the world; not preserve or save it.'

And why shouldn't we all scorn them? Who can take seriously anyone eccentric enough to entrap himself in a bushy beard, gesticulating and praying loudly in the heat of th noonday sun while clad in a thick black overcoat? Do you remember the old saying, 'only Englishmen and dogs will go out under the noonday sun?' Need I say more? I'm sure you get the message, not to mention the fact that if the Orthodox Jews took over Israel, there would be no more hell--raising on Saturday nights!

Orthodox Rabbi Isroel Weiss, the bane of the Zionists and the concience of Israel. Some even say he is Antisemitic. I have heard Christians call him The Antichrist.

All this confusion has come about because nobody understands just who the Messiah is and when he will come--or exactly what the Book of Revelation is talking about. The Book of Revelation actually tells us that the ancient Jews initiated the Hindu Kali Yuga age more than 5000 years ago and that Jesus Christ is the prophesied Kalki (holocaust) a.k.a. Apocalypse who will bring it to an end and regenerate another Treta (yuga) when the world recreates itself.

Yuga means 'a yoke, team, a pair, couple, an age of the world, long mundane period of years (of which there are four, viz. 1. Krita or Satya, 2. Treta, 3. Dvapara, 4. Kali, of which the first three have already elapsed, while the Kali, which began at midnight between the 17th and 18th of Feb. 3102 B.C. is that in which we live; the duration of each is said to be respectively 1,728,000, 1,296,000, 864,000, and 432,000 years of men, the descending numbers representing a similar physical and moral deterioration of men in each age; the four Yugas comprise an aggregate of 4,320,000 years and constitute a 'great Yuga' or Maha--yuga. a symbolical N. for the number four Suryas.'(Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary.)

The four Suryas is the Hindu Sanskrit name for the Four Horses (horsemen) of the Apocalyose. Surya means sun.

This means that Revelations is strictly a Hindu work.

I was astonished in my investigations to learn that the Hindu puranas state that the Jews will be much hated during the Kali Yuga age. In fact they initiated it. The puranas state, 'There will be Yavanas here by reason of religious feeling or ambition or plunder; they will not be kings solemnly anointed but will follow evil customs by reason of the corruptions of the age... Massacreing women and children and killing one another, the Yavana kings will enjoy the earth to the end of the Kali age.' This is one of the world's oldest prophecies. It is happening right now before our very eyes. Naturally, we are too 'scientific' and 'rational' to accept what the Bible says about this, much less the admonitions of any bearded Orthodox Jews crazy enough to traipse about in black overcoats under the midday sun!

Even though many Jewish (Yavana) leaders will become unbearably evil during the Kali Yuga age, the Hindu holy book, Gargi Samhita, states that they must be respected: 'The Yavanas are barbarians, yet the science of astronomy originated with them, and for that they must be reverenced like gods.'

You may hasten to tell me that the Hindu holy books are talking about Yavanas and not Jews. However, that's what Indian Jews were called in ancient times. Later, they fled to Greece. Another group of these Indo--Jews, the Yawanas, became the Turks. India's God Krishna was a Yawana or Turk.

In Revelations, four mounted horsemen are loosed on the world. They are named after the powers they represent: war, famine, conquest, and death. The horseman on the white horse represents righteousness and holiness. People consider him to be Jesus.

Jesus said,

'Men think, perhaps, that it is peace which I have come to cast upon the world. They do not know that it is dissension which I have come to cast upon the earth: fire, sword, and war. For there will be five in a house: three will be against two, and two will be against three, the father against the son, and the son against the father. And they will stand solitary. (Thomas Saying 16.)

I am come to send fire upon the earth; and what better wish can I have that it should be kindled? There is a baptism I must needs be baptized with, and how distressed I am for its accomplishment! Do you think that I am come to bring peace upon the earth? No, believe me, I have come to bring dissension.' (Luke: 12:49--53.)

Who is Kalki?

Kalki becomes the tenth incarnation of Vishnu when he is to appear mounted on a white horse and wielding a drawn sword as destroyer of the wicked. This is to take place at the end of the four Yugas or Ages. According to the famous Hindu historian, Ashkoy Kumar Mazumdar, Kalki means Holocaust (The Hindu History) It is the name of a phenomenon, not of a man. Most Hindus tell me they know little or nothing about this Kalki.

They wonder whether he is evil or good because he dresses in white clothing, wears a crown on his head, wields a sword, and rides a white horse.

In the biblical Revelations, Christians also have trouble envisioning Jesus as a giver of life because of his mission to rid the world of evil. Like the Hindu Kalki, he, too, is dressed in white clothing, wears a crown on his head, clasps a sword in his hand, and rides a white horse. In Revelations, the angel of death rides a black horse.

Many think the man riding a white horse is the anti--Christ. But the truth of the matter is that the Hindu Kalki and the Christ on the white horse are angels of life; not of death.

'... at the conjunction of the two yugas, the Lord of creation will take His birth as the Kalki incarnation and become the son of Visnu Yasa. At this time the rulers of the earth will have degenerated into plunderers.

Lord Kalki, the Lord of the universe, will mount His swift horse Devadatta and, sword in hand, travel over the earth exhibiting His eight mystic opulences and eight special qualities of Godhead. Displaying His unequaled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves who have dared dress as kings.' (Srimad Bhagavatam 1987)

Notice in the preceding paragraph that another name of Kalki is Vishnu Yasa. Yasa, Iesu, Yasu, and Yus are different ways Jesus is spelled in Sanskrit. In short, the Hindus knew all along that Jesus was Kalki!

Furthermore, even we recognize Brahmanical time: One thousand years for mankind is just one year for not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord a a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. (2 Peter 3:8)

A man in India, Sri Bhagavan, used to be called Kalki or Kalki Bhagavan by devotees. However, he prefers to be called just Bhagavan, the founder of the Golden Age Foundation in India. His followers consider him to be the living Avatar capable of giving enlightenment--not only to a few individuals, but to all mankind.

According to Kalki, Earth will start entering the Golden Age, the age of enlightenment, in June 2004, during the Venus Transit. This process will end at the next Venus transit in 2012. Kalki says the time ahead of us will be be filled with unbelievable changes, challenges and turmoil. Mankind can't do much about them. Fortunately, those striving to improve all their relationships will have a much easier ride than others.

Let us all pray that the Baghwan in India and the Mayans in Mexico are correct in stating that the present Kali Yuga Age will end in 2012. Dozens of different shorter versions about this Kali Yuga's demise also exist in India. The classical Hindu version claims it will end 428,898 years from now. If things can get more evil than what we are going through now, I don't even want to think about it!

This article is the last chapter of Gene's upcoming book to be released in March or April of this year: The Open Secret of Israel, India, and Mexico - From Genesis to Revelations!


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