Who Causes Tension Between Blacks and Whites?
How and Why?

by Gene D. Matlock

In late October, 2007, Patrick Harker, president of the University of Delaware, permanently cancelled a controversial student diversity program designed to turn all white Americans into pariahs.

Training materials for the program stated -- 'The term (racist) applies to all white people ... living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality. By this definition, people of color cannot be racists, because ...they do not have the power to back up their prejudices, hostilities, or acts of discrimination.'

Students also complained about coercion on such topics as sexual orientation, politics and the environment.

That dreadful University of Delaware diversity program and the recent Jena 6 debacle hosted by the opportunist preachers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have caused racial tensions to erupt all over again, just like a festering boil.

Who wants all white Americans to voluntarily agree to become pariahs -- the lowest of the low? Why must we also become concerned with sexual orientation?

Most people do not know that sexuality is a major weapon for keeping humans mashed under the thumbs of unscrupulous leaders. For several decades, I have been studying these matters. I am certain that someone has a vested interest in the racial division between American Blacks and Whites. We should no longer allow them to manipulate us like puppets on strings.

One anomalous mystery I have been trying to understand is why White and Black men and women are so sexually hungry for each other. The people who own all the money and power in this country use this mutual sexual passion Whites and Blacks have for each other to turn us into wind-up toys. We are robotically controlled two ways. One is to keep the Black male disenfranchised. The other is to keep White males and Black females separated from each other at all costs.

In the 1950s, I wrote three articles for the African-American newspaper, Philadelphia Enquirer, discussing these matters. In the March 8, 1958 edition, The Enquirer published my article, Here's Why Whites Persecute Negroes. I stated that the White man has persecuted Blacks for many hundreds of years because he feels sexually inferior to them. I also predicted that when Negroes got their civil rights, our White women would show a decided preference for them. At the time, I hadn't yet come to realize that White men and Black women are equally hungry for each other although I had been dallying with Black women for some time.

My father was a rich real estate man and apartment house owner in the predominantly Black section of Wichita, Kansas. So hungry was I for Black women, I occupied one of Dad's apartments there, just to be near them. I was not at all sneaky about being with these women. On the contrary, I was proud of my great taste in chocolate-covered women.

For a while, I quit my father's business to work at Beech Aircraft. One day, I told some men in my department that I was enjoying a 'full service' relationship with a beautiful Black woman. Having heard that, one man got up and yelled,'Hey, everybody! Gene told me that he's playing around with N____ women. I'd never stoop to doing anything like that!'

The next day, he came over to my desk and said, 'Gene, will you please invite me over to your apartment so that I can meet Black women?'

I answered, 'Why, then, did you humiliate me in front of the department yesterday?'

'Gene, I don't want anyone to know I'm crazy about Black women. That's beneath me. Surely you understand.'

I said, 'I understand only too well. Shame on you. Don't you know that Black women are humans, too? They, too, have feelings. You're not too proud to go to bed with them. Have the decency to let the world know it as I do. If you will let the department know how you really feel, I'll help you out. Otherwise, forget it.'

Other men in the department also asked me to introduce them to Black women. But they were too cowardly to admit it in public. Needless to say, I wouldn't introduce them into any irresistible chocolate-covered women.

You may want to know, if I was so crazy about Black women as I said I was, why didn't I marry one? I was once in love with a beautiful Panamanian mulatto woman. We were so happy together that we would often chew each other's food, depositing the masticated food in the other's mouth. Yet, we never had sex together. We both agreed that we'd wait until marriage in order to experience that maximum fire of fires together, that only Black women and White men can know.

Later on, I became afraid of what would happen to the both of us if we did marry. Would we get lynched? Would we be ostracized for life? I then cowardly backed out.

About four years after we broke up, my family and I went to New Orleans where I worked for my Master's Degree in Spanish and Latin American affairs at Tulane University. While there, I met several White men married to Black women. I asked them whether their union had caused any difficulties for them or held them back. They said they were not persecuted or tormented in any way. So it all boils down to this. I could have had a normal life with my Panamanian Mulatto woman had I not been such a sniveling coward.

When I was investigating the riddle of the unbridled sexual passion both races have for each other, I went far back into history, as far as the biblical Genesis story.

According to what anthropologists tell us, the African Negro was the first modern homo-sapiens-sapiens to walk upon the earth. Later on, strange visitors from outer space, the Nephylim, came to earth, also unable to resist the fiery charms of Black women. 'When men began to increase on earth and daughters were born to them, the divine beings saw how beautiful the daughters of men were and took wives from among them that pleased them.' (Genesis, 6:1-2.)

King Solomon wrote what is one of the greatest love poems ever written about the Black Ethiopian Queen of Sheba: The Song of Solomon: 'Oh, give me the kisses of your mouth, for your love is more delightful than wine...' Don’t forget what I said about the Panamanian woman and I chewing each other's food and putting it back in one another's mouth.

In ancient times, the old kings and sultans kept themselves well supplied with Black women, but for no reason would they allow any of their women to know Black men. In my Enquirer article, I discussed the extremely handsome Arabian sultan Shahayrar. Yet, according to the book Arabian Nights, his wife preferred an ugly Black man. In the lusty account of the Enscorcelled Prince, the enraged lord found that his wife was the ardent lover of a 'hideous Negro slave' with his upper lip like the cover of a pot, and his lower like an open pot; lips which might sweep up sand from the gravel floor of the cot.

Copy of my Enquirer article. Click to enlarge.

'He was, to boot, a leper and a paralytic, lying upon a strew of sugar cane trash and wrapped in an old blanket and the foulest rags and tatters. She kissed the earth before him--went and lay down by the side of the slave, upon the cane trash and crept in with him under his foul coverlet and his rags and tatters.'

While the slave and the king's wife were clasping each other in unfettered passion, he said to her, '...deem not my manliness to the poor manliness of white men.'

Upon discovering the slave and his wife in ardent embrace, the sultan killed both of them forthwith. He became so embittered that he would have a different women brought to him every night, ordering that she keep him entertained with interesting stories. If she failed to entertain him properly, he had her killed.

One night, a woman called Shahrazad was chosen to entertain him. He never got bored with her stories. Therefore, Shahrazad was able to save herself. Guess what kind of stories kept him entranced? Stories of White women making love to Black men!

After the Philadelphia Enquirer published my article, I went to live in San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America. The Enquirer sent me an angry letter from a Black woman living in Lincoln, Nebraska, who had read the article. 'You S.O.B., Why make all us Blacks pay for your feelings of sexual inferiority? You're a nice-looking man. You should have confidence in yourself.'

I answered angrily, 'Listen, Bitch! I do have confidence in myself. But most White men don't. I am convinced that this is the reason why Black men are persecuted. But I'm not one of them!'

Later on, I received an answer from her. This time, she gave me sweet talk. She confessed that she had always wanted to be the lover of a white man. She said she was married, but to dally with a White man, she would gladly cheat on her husband. She asked me to show up on a Thursday night at a certain nightclub frequented by both Blacks and Whites. She said we could meet and then go to a hotel to be together.

I wrote back, 'That's a great idea, but there's just one small drawback. I'm 5,000 miles away from you.'

You have probably noticed that nearly all the time we see in the media Black men and White women together, but very few White men and Black women together, even though the attraction between the latter is equally strong. I have always said that White men and Black women are made on purpose to feel inadequate and unsuited for each other. Yet, the truth is that we seem to be made for each other. To many Black males, she is just a Ho. And many White women treat their husbands as less than adequate. American White men are often love starved.

During the time I was dating Black women, I found them to be unusually feminine, noble, and caring. Not only does a Black woman do a commendable job of working her fiery magic on her White husband at night, she tends to do a great job of caring for the home and cooking, also.

I always feel good when I see a White and Black couple together. I have noticed that both often have a higher than average education and good human values, as well. When I see that, I say to myself, 'There's hope still for America.'

Who causes these divisions? And why?

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are patrilinear societies descended from Abraham and Sarah. In these religions, the men inherit all the wealth, power, and money. Through these sexual divisions, the Black male will not be able to get a firm foothold in the white Judeo-Christian-Islamic power structure. If Black women and White males produce progeny together, the Blacks will get their power through the woman. That is why both are made to feel inadequate and not suited for each other.

The same is true of our American Indians. Since our Indians have become so wealthy with their casinos and other investments, Negroes having Indian blood are no longer admitted as tribal members.

I ask all Blacks and Whites to start using their brains for a change, remembering that penises and vaginas don't have brains. We must not let ourselves become trapped as puppets for the power structure. Let's solve our mutual problems peacefully and intelligently. What we need to do is calm down the criminal elements among Black hoodlums and energetically encourage miscegenation between Black females and White males. When we have problems that come from our mutual prejudices and biases, let's work them out without trying to scare each other to death. I don't guarantee that this will defeat those who have all the money, power, and influence. But it least, it will be harder for them to keep us in bondage.


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