Duffle Bag Demon

I used to live in Anniston, Alabama and worked for PMC Corp. On the side, me and my buddy would cut wood and sell it.

I was married and he was married and we still are. We would cut wood off of Fort McCellan, a military base.

One Saturday morning we had both cut a truck load of wood and was carrying it to our home to unload. I told my buddy I would meet him back on highway 231 in Saks at the service station. It was real cold. I arrived before he did. I got out on the tail gate and was sharpening my chain saw.

I noticed a man walking on the opposite side of the road. When he got near to me he crossed the highway and walked up to me. He had on military fatigues and a short sleeve green shirt. He was carrying a tube type duffel bag. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was sharpening my chain on my saw.

He asked me if I believed in demons. I started to get wary of this person and I told him that I had heard about them from other people. He then said he had one in his duffel bag and asked me to pick up his bag. I did just to make him happy, although I really didn't want to continue talking with him. After I picked it up he asked me how much I thought it weighed. I said about three or four pounds and he looked at me as if I were crazy.

Next he picked up the bag and handed it to me again and, when he did, it was so heavy that I dropped it. This was the same bag I had just lifted easily. I was shocked.

He then asked me if I could say something in Jesus Christ's name over him. This really freaked me out so I grabbed my ax and told him that I was no preacher and he should just get away from me.

The strange man walked away with his bag and later my friend arrived in his pickup.

The next day my buddy and I went in the woods to cut more wood and the first tree I cut turned and fell across the top of my truck, destroying it. We had to pull it home.

We went directly to my buddies house and walked in side. His wife had just walked up to the attic and had fallen through the ceiling and was hurt bad. That same night his house caught fire and was burned.

I told my friends about the strange man and the things that happened and they wanted me to come to church to testify because the said he was trying to unload the demon he was carrying.

I never saw the man again and I don't want to. This is a true story.

--Dennis Cheatwood, Bell Buckle, TN.

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