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Evidence that we have lived before.

The following case is presented because it is the best documented case originating from America in modern times. So many people have scrutinized the story of James Leininger that any deception would have been revealed long ago.

Although I am not a person who believes in Astrology, I did find an interesting side story connected with this case, and I have included it for consideration in the reincarntion phenomenon.

Little James Leininger's Story -- Soul Survivor

James Leininger was not yet 2 years old when he began to have terrible nightmares. His parents knew he would outgrow them, but his screams frightened them. When they would come to his bedside, they often found him on his back, kicking his legs in the air and thrashing his arms -- as if he were trying to escape from an imaginary box. He would also yell some garbled words that his parents could not understand.

When he was three, his Mom heard the words more clearly. "Airplane crash. On fire! Little man can't get out!"

James had played with toy airplanes but he had never fantasized about them crashing or burning. He wasn't exposed to war movies on television or in the cinema. His parents were puzzled. The boy's nightmares seem to have started shortly after his father took him to visit a Dallas flight museum, containing some vintage aircraft, when the boy was just 18 months old. But why?

As his fascination with airplanes continued, so did his nightmares. His parents bought him more toy model airplanes to play with, thinking he would soon find other interests. They noticed that when he approached his toy sit-down airplane [right], he would perform a walk-around inspection before he got in -- just like a real pilot. Once his mother gave him a model with what appeared to be a bomb on the underside. When she pointed this out to her son he immediately corrected her, telling her it was a "drop tank."

"I'd never heard of a drop tank ... I didn't know what a drop tank was." -- Andrea Leininger

When James was a little more than three years old, his parents decided to take him to a therapist who specialized in treating troubled children. Almost immediately his nightmares started to diminish. James was encouraged to talk about the things he remembered just before bedtime, when he was relaxed and sleepy. It was then that his surprising story started to be revealed.

Among the amazing things little James told his parents was that he was a pilot and flew a Corsair airplane. According to James, "They used to get flat tires all the time." He also recalled being assigned to a ship called "Natoma" and that he had been "shot down" by the Japanese in the battle of Iwo Jima! He further recalled that he had served with a buddy named "Jack Larson."

All of this was too much for his parents to comprehend so they decided to see if this story had any factual basis. Almost immediately James' father, Bruce, found that a Corsair was indeed a type of airplane used in the Pacific during WWII and that it did have a reputation for blowing tires when it landed hard! He later found the record of a small aircraft carrier, Natoma Bay, that was in the battle of Iwo Jima! But the most remarkable fact was that there was a pilot named Jack Larson who served on the Natoma Bay. In fact, Larson was still alive and living in nearby Arkansas.

About this time James began to draw pictures of his airplane and of being shot down. The fact that he was both drawing and talking about these memories seemed to eliminate his nightmares.

Bruce quickly contacted Jack Larson and was informed that the only pilot shot down from the crew of the Natoma Bay was named James M. Huston Jr., who had received a direct hit and crashed in a ball of fire. Bruce says it was then that he believed his son had a past life in which he was this same James M. Huston Jr.

"He came back because he wasn't finished with something."

The Leiningers wrote a letter to Huston's sister, Anne Barron, about their little boy. Now she believes it as well. In all there are over 50 distinct memories that have been validated i n this exceptional case of reincrnation.

"The child was so convincing in coming up with all the things that there is no way on the world he could know."

An Interesting Side Note: Astrological Confirmation?

Walden Welch is an Astrologer who was asked to check the horoscopes of both little James Leininger and the dead WWI pilot, James M. Huston, Jr. Welch was already a believer of reincarnation and was aware that there were some unusual alignments observed between reincarnating souls. But he also recalled many hoaxes and was leary of getting involved in this case. Nevertheless, since the request came from a friend and Director of Events at the A.R.E. (also known as The Edgar Cayce Foundation), he agreed to investigate.

"Walden, have you heard about the little boy who recalls his previous life as an Air Force Pilot and who was shot down and killed by the Japanese during World War 11? His parents have written me and asked if you might look into the boy's horoscope and give your professional opinion as to what your findings are regarding this matter ... In your opinion, are the persons of James Huston and James Leininger one and the same? The boy was born on April 10, 1998 at 6:00 PM, Good Friday in San Mateo, CA. The pilot he claims to be was named James Huston, born October 22, 1923, in South Bend, Indiana. No birth time available. The family is eager to hear your astrological evaluation regarding this matter and I will forward whatever you have to say on to them should you care to reply."

Walden was familiar with the readings on reincarnation and astrology given by the great American psychic Edgar Cayce. Although he was a clairvoyant and not an astrologer, Cayce did hundreds of readings in which astrology was mentioned.

"Cayce said that whatever the Sun's position was in one's prior lifetime is usually the Moon's position in the next incarnation and the Moon's position in the past lifetime experience becomes the Sun position in the new incarnation. This pattern is typical of the planetary pattern when an individual dies before completing a full life time, as would be the case in accidental death. Otherwise, for a fully lived life, when the bodily death occurs wherever the Sun and Moon positions were upon the day of death become the Sun and Moon Signs in the next incarnation. This sounds like a real brain twister, but in truth, the process is very simplistic ... so simplistic, in fact, that I could not help but doubt the validity of these Readings and I did not expect it to work. This planetary pattern would be almost comparable to an ink blot, taking one page of paper on which the inkblot has been printed and pressing it upon another. It is much like a mirror's reflection of itself." -- Walden Welch

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Walden computed pilot James Huston's birth data [left]. His Sun was placed in The Sign of Libra and his Moon's position on the day of his birth fell in the Sign of Aries. Next, he calculated the boy, James Leininger's, chart [right] and laid the charts side by side.

"Shivers ran up my spine. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. The child was born with his Sun in Aries and his Moon fell in Libra; exactly opposite positions of Huston's. Even more startling was the fact that both individuals' Sun and Moon positions were in each other's exact mathematical degrees. This was the pattern Cayce depicted if a life that had not yet been fully lived and accidentally cut short; it was the perfect ink blot pattern. I had expected something far more complicated than this, but there it was in mathematical fact. These two souls were one and the same."

Our final example of a well researched case of reincarnation comes from a member of the police force. Robert Snow was a Captain in the Indianapolis Police Department, in charge of the Homicide Division. He didn't want to believe in reincarnation and thought the whole idea of being born many times was foolish. But something that happened to him completely changed his mind. It's the next story on viewzone.