I live in a place where life is one big juicy peach. A peach so large it will take a lifetime to consume. Happily, I spend my days and nights enjoying the aroma and taste of fresh peach. There's peach juice, peach nectar, peach pulp and a variety of "peachy-keen" dishes made from all of the above. How sweet it is.

I sit alone in Peach Square on this warm and sunny day. My peach-colored glasses are focused on the beauty all around me. Children are laughing, birds are singing and the trees are full and peachish. I'm heartily enjoying the tasty nectar of life - I feel grand. In the midst of all the delight and wonder I feel this moment, something unusual and sinister invades my view. What is this strange thing so close to me, yet so far away? Cautiously I watch it - I think it watches me!

I have been studying the shape and color of this ugly rugged object for a long time. Though it hasn't moved, I have a feeling it's alive. I wonder who else may have seen this. Surely someone else has seen it. Why would I be the only one to notice such a thing? What is this faceless glob with its reddish juice dribbling down its crimson surface, fleshy pulp dangling from its many craggy and tangled crevices. It's disgusting! I must tell the others.

It's the Peachian way to be passive. From birth to death life is peachie. Most of our days are filled with peaches'n cream, peach pie and peach truffle. Young and old are gathering in the Square to witness the phenomena. Some ask, "What is it and where did it come from?" Others say, "This tattered object embedded within our life's fruit can only mean disaster!" Yet, others agree, "It's the end of Peachian life as we know it!" The thing rests in the center of the Square where I first saw it.

Peach Square is full of many who've come from far and far away to learn the truth on this bright sunny day. Peach Cobbler is the oldest and wisest of all Peachians. He knows the mysteries and enigma of other times and places. We eagerly await his enlightenment and guidance about the phenomena. "Good morning, Peachians from far and wide. I am very pleased to be with you on this special day. What I share with you today will make you wiser and stronger." He pauses and slowly moves to touch the thing! A sequence of gasps ripple throughout the crowd as voices cry out, "No, don't touch it!" Peach Cobbler smiles and moves away from the globby thing. "Friends, I assure you that there is nothing to fear. I know what this is and I want you to know it too!" Silence prevails as the master of knowledge speaks. "This 'object' or 'thing,' as you call it, is really called a pit! The pit lives deep within us providing nourishment so that we may live. Its whole purpose is to give us life. Without the pit there would be no fruit; without the fruit, there would be no substance to give others life. The juicy pulp makes us drunk and keeps us from the truth. But consume we must until it's gone so the pit can bring forth life. This rugged pit you fear today will find refuge in the soil so that soon new Peachians may be born."

Peach Cobbler moves slowly through the Square while the Peachians cheer and applaud him for making us aware. Before he says goodbye he gives his blessing, "This is the way it was, this is the way it is and this is the way it will always be."

How happy and proud we all are today for discovering the pit and its miracle as well.

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