The following is a true story...

It's July 20th, 1969. Unemployed Star Trek actor William Shatner lives in a trailer park and is watching a small television set atop of his chest. Neil Armstrong is making "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" and Captain Kirk is alone and near broke. Newly divorced and with all his belongings in his trailer he watches like the rest of the world at man's greatest space achievement and wonders what it must be like to walk on the moon.

At that moment, a 7 year old boy knocks on the door of his trailer and asks if "Captain Kirk" lives here. He then asks if this is Captain Kirk's spaceship. Captain Kirk then proceeds to show him around his "spaceship" by turning his oven dials as his "controls" and pointing out his bath shower as his "transporter room." The kid thanks the "Captain" for his tour and leaves. William Shatner goes back to watching a "real spaceship" and the kid goes home as the only human to get a tour of a "real" spaceship by Captain Kirk of the Enterprise.

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