The ransom note, left on the stairway of the Ramsey home, was analyzed by Gary Thomas in Part One of this aricle. This week, Gary continues with comments on the case, based on extensive research, criminal profiles, and personal observations and experience.

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He is a male white 25-35 years old with an above average I.Q. He has wild mood swings, ranging from deep depression to euphoria. He tries to control these emotions with drugs and alcohol. He fantasizes and has delusions of grandeur, pretending to be a man of power. When he is depressed, he is remorseful of the things he does. He is addicted to watching T.V. and movies. Depending on his mood, his viewing interests range from "Dirty Harry" type movies to religious T.V. shows. He lives alone. He works, but can't hold a job long, probably unskilled labor. He had an overbearing father and an unpredictable mother, who would praise him one minute and scold him the next. His friends range from persons of a stronger personality, that he looks up to and secretly falls in love with, to persons who are weak, which he victimizes.

His fantasies and plots build up over time, but he keeps them in check until someone or something makes him upset. Then he takes his anger and frustration out on his victim— someone he knows he can overpower.

S*xual fantasies are a big part of his life, but s*x doesn't fulfill his fantasies. The feeling of power is his real need. He likes the feeling of overpowering his victim, completely humiliating them, having them under his control and watching them suffer. After his need is satisfied, he shifts into a state of remorse and depression. In reality, he is not aggressive; he is a coward.

I know people like this. I have interviewed them personally. There are people like this living in your neighborhood right now.


A parent, or parents who kill a child, can be put into three categories. Mental problems, mental and drug problems and accidental. I can only think of a very few cases where both the mother and father collaborated in the killing of their child. Usually only one is involved.

A parent with mental or drug problems is soon discovered. They usually have a history of personal problems, and a history of child abuse issues. We can exclude the Ramseys from this category— no one has dug up any dirt on them. There are reports that the child showed signs of previous s*xual abuse, but the reports from the family doctor who cared for Joan say different. He performed five genital examinations on her for other problems she was having, and his reports state that everything was normal. The autopsy stated that she was s*xually abused on the night of the murder, and also stated that there was a small abrasion that was healing which could have been there a few days before the murder. This could have been caused by something other than s*xual abuse but, the examiner could not be sure.

Now the accident theory. A parent can loose control and hit their child too hard, and accidently kill them. Often, the doctor is told that the child fell or had some sort of accident. It would be possible to suspect that one of the Ramseys did this. But could any loving parent, in their right mind, take their child, tie their legs together, duct tape their mouth, s*xually abuse, strangle, and fracture their skull, and then write a ransom note and call the police,pretending their child was kidnaped just to cover up the accident? In my opinion, this in not likely, and I feel we can rule the Ramseys out as the killers.


Could this man be a friend of the family who had molested JonBenet before (the cause of a six year old girl having five pelvic exams in three years)? Had she threatened him that she was going to tell her parents? This would give him a reason to silence her.

A psychic, invited by investigators, visited the house during the investigation. She had worked with the police before, and solved cases that they couldn't solve. As she walked through the house, she could feel his presence. She felt that this man had visited JoanBenet on many occasions. She said he had worked there. He had taken her to a small closet on the first floor many times, and had s*xual contact with her. She said there was a yellow raincoat in the closet, belonging to the child (and there was), and it would have the man's fingerprints on it. The police have this raincoat, but will not release any information
about it.

As the psychic walked around the exterior of the house, she had a strong feeling of his presence at a basement window which had a removable grate covering it. She feels he left the house through this window. She also said that she felt the man was German, and was named Irwin or Irvin.


The killer was in a mental frenzy. He was in the "fat cat's" house, climbing the stairs to his victim's bedroom. He entered the room and gently lifted JonBenet from her bed, not waking her, and carried her to the basement. He laid her body on a chest-type freezer, and quickly placed duct tape over her mouth. She was awakened by this, but couldn't scream for her mommy. She watched his every move as he tied her legs and hands together. She fought with all her might, but was too small to fight off her attacker. He then tied the garrote around her neck, and began tightening it.

This was not a typical killing. This was a man living out his "fantasy of power." It was also ritualistic. JonBenet could have been his sacrificial lamb for the redemption of his sins. The word "Victory!" at the end of the note is used over and over on the religious shows on television. The "S.B.T.C." could mean "Saved By The Cross." There are also several scenes in the movie "Dirty Harry" with the large cross, lit with many bulbs. When the body was found, there was a heart, drawn in red ink, on the palm of her left hand.

The murder could have taken 20-40 minutes, or even longer, before it was over. The autopsy revealed that the rope marks on her neck indicated repeated tightening and loosening of the garrote. He didn't want her to die too soon and ruin his fantasy.

JonBenet was fighting with all her might, trying to get loose. In her attempts to scream, the tape loosened, or he loosened it for some reason, and she let out a loud scream. He panicked and picked up the first heavy object he could find and hit her in the head, crushing her skull, and knocking her out. He taped her mouth, and as he listened for noises from upstairs, he tightened the garrote, and held it tight, to make sure that she was dead.

In the silence, he listened but heard no noises from upstairs. He moved the body to the windowless room, and cleaned her up with a rag, then covered her with her blanket.

This child was no stranger to him. He was close to her, and showed remorse for his act by cleaning JonBenet up, and then covering her with the blanket.

The killer tried to get out through the basement window with the metal grate over it, but moving the grate made too much noise. By this time he was in a state of fear and confusion. He grabbed the ransom note, made his way to the first floor, left the note on the stairs leading to the second floor and walked out the front door.

The Boulder police have pictures of two partial footprints on the front walk leading from the house. They don't match any prints from anyone who entered the house after the 911 call was made to police. The police, and friends, called by the Ramsey's destroyed any other prints or evidence left on the walk when they arrived. This would mark the beginning of one of the most mishandled investigations I've ever seen.


All the evidence indicates the killer was a friend of John Ramsey, a very close friend. Their friendship ended after a falling out of some sort. The argument was probably about this "friend's" involvement with JonBenet. He was told to stay away, and this triggered the murder. If this is the case, then John Ramsey knows who murdered his child. But, why isn't he telling?


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