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An Average Day In Amerika

I don't get out much because my Vietnamese wife, Tam, uses our pick-up for work. But today a friend asked me to help him pick up his car from the repair shop, so I had his wheels to use for a few hours.

Well, I got an email just before I left and it was one of Tam's garden customers calling her a "gook" and adding "I HATE GOOKS! F**k both of you!" With my new ideas of compassion, I had to push away thoughts of my 9mm or steel toe boots and try and understand that he is mentally ill.

Then out the door and passing a parking lot I saw three indigent kids with signs begging for money. Only they didn't say "money" the sign said "beer"... one of the dudes had a puppy pinned against the asphalt, on its back, spreading its front legs and punching its face and making it bleed. Again, I wanted to kick his head like a football but I called the police and they sent 2 cars, code 2.

Next, I go to a Goodwill thrift shop to find a jacket to wear in Germany for my upcoming lecture. A 6'4" bleached blond-and-black haired woman is in there with entirely see-through tight pants and blouse! I mean you could count the hairs and freckles. When one of the kind old ladies asked her to put something over her clothes, and even offered to let her wear a robe temporarily while she was in the store, she said "I'm a f**king pole dancer. It's my profession. F**k You!"

I am standing next to a normal looking man and we both watch this. I say to him, "Wow. people are weird, huh?" and he says he would like to "f**k her crazy" and starts to stalk her...

I bought a good jacket, a bit long, but it needed to have the sleeves taken up a bit. I'm only 5'8" so they suggested a woman who did tailoring. I drove to her store and there was a woman standing outside with her face all busted up and bleeding. I asked her if she needed help and she burst into tears, saying her fiance had just hit her again. I tried to calm her but she just kept crying so I called the police again. The operator at the police station was annoyed and said, "You again? What are you some kind of good Samaratan or something?"

Then I am driving back home and in front of me is a car full of young people, throwing paper and food out the window as they drive. I get a tomato on my windshield and, again, calm down... then I notice they have a naked doll with a hangman noose around her neck, dragging it from a trailer hitch. I'd seen that before. Maybe it is some kind of trend...

Anyway, I stop to buy gas and there is another normal looking middle-aged woman (no visible tattoos or piercings) and I tell her what I just saw. She calmly says, "Oh that's nothing. They were just probably making a movie for MTV or something..."


Gary Vey / editor / (reply to: myristicin-at-hotmail-dot-com).


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