Above: Echoes of Legend Drums by Chidi Okoye

Like the magnetic current of the Lightning 
is drawn to reflective objects on earth: 
Like the endless bond between gas and fire. 
We have bonded with sounds of legend drums. 
The covenant of souls and spirits of music, 
like the bond of moon and stars, 
will never be broken. 
It is a legend bond of eternity that tickles souls, 
minds and bodies. 
Unlike covenant of man to man, it is an agreement 
of total submission of self. 

Like the helpless flies of the night drawn
to beams of light, 
so we are drawn to the echoes of our legend drums. 
Rhythm of our land, rhythm of unstoppable
forces of nature. 
He who refuses to lift up his legs in dance
shall nod in respect. 
Echoes of our land, a call to obey. 
Echoes of our drums, a garnished and spicy
food of souls. 
Echoes of our legend drums, a legend
therapy of troubled souls. 
Echoes of our drums, a priceless heritage
to be preserved. 

Like forces of great wind of hurricanes in a love dance 
with a trash can, 
we have given in to the powers of music
in legend dance of life. 

Copyright Chidi Okoye

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