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Research has shown that our bodies, and to some extent even our mental states, are influenced by hormonal cycles. These cycles are controlled by literally thousands of ductless glands located throughout our bodies. This collection of ductless glands is coordinated by so-called "master glands", such as the pituitary, the pineal and thyroid.

Over the years, researchers have found that these "master glands" seem to have a unique cycle that begins at birth and continues throughout our lives. Each cycle seems to be of a specific duration with peaks and valleys. Predicting them used to mean doing complex calculations from our date of birth to the present. Now, thanks to JAVA programming, this task is made easy.

Each person has three cycles, which are controlled in this way. The intellect, the emotion, and the physical. these three cycles are continually flowing through the ups and downs we know as life. When we are born our cycle begins. Usually once in our life time the cycle will come full circle and match its start. to many it is a rebirth or change of life between the ages of 35-65.

The biorhythm allows you to see either a numerical representation, or pictorial representation of where you cycle is at any given time. We use this in several ways. The cycle ranges from positive 100 through negative 100. When the wave crosses between the positive and negative we are experiencing a 'critical day'. When we are positve our energy is also positive and vise versa. When the slope of the curve is going up so is that aspect of ourselves, as it is when the slope curves down. 'Critical Days' are not bad nor good, just something to be aware of.

One can use the biorhythm in retrospect. If you did poorly on a test or presentation, it is likely your intellect is down. If you had a fight with your spouse or lover, it is likely your emotional is down. and presumably if you have been under the weather you physical is likely to also be low.

The Biorhythm can also be a warning to be extra patient, careful & studious, or take vitamins. Use it as a warning if you like to prepare for the possible setbacks of a down cycle. Whatever it is you use the Biorhythm for, it is a fun and interesting thing to see and watch as it works. Simply enter your birth date into the appropriate fields and click on the "calculate" button. This JAVA Biorhythm chart gives your own personal cycle for three of the most useful and general cycles.

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