Vol. , Issue No.29  

the fringe
HAARP - the death ray— A fantastic invention is seized by the military for their own clandestine use.
Straightline Remote Sensing - Part 7— Don't miss the final part in Max Sandor's popular series on Remote Sensing.
Alien Abductions— Who's really been abducted? A report on the Roper data.
reader's pics
The Poets— This month's feature poets celebrate Valentine's Day.
people & places
An Alaskan Prophesy— "A Message To My People" is a prophetic and timely message.
Dust Watching— "A Glenn South defies linear time to look at ordinary things in extraordinary ways.
Some Like It Dark— "A Paul Jay Steward seeks his thrills where other men dare not tread.
frontiers in science
Did you get tainted polio vaccine?— 98-million Americans are now infected with a cancer-producing virus!
Sun Storms— Unseen solar disturbances can have cataclysmic effects. Another cycle of storms is due- "are we prepared?"
Homosexuality - Is It Natural?— Research reveals that homosexuality stems from a natural cause, rather than choice.
Ask Dr. Judith— Reader says, "My soulmate's wild parties frighten me!"

   Issue No. 28  

the fringe
Staightline Remote Sensing, Part 6— Between time and space, Part 2.
Alien Abductions— Who's really being abducted? A report on the Roper data.
Unusual Photo— Can you identify the "lines" in this photo?
people & places
Wovoka, the Paiute Messiah— This Native American prophet had a profound effect on American history.
Some Like it Dark— Paul Jay Steward seeks his thrills where other men dare not tread.
reader pics
Elbows and Knees for Heaven— This month's feature poet is Calaban.
arts & entertainment
When Dolls Aren't Really Dolls— Witness the magic of Doll Artist, Carliegh Hoff.
Birdwatching— A look at birds the way you never saw them. Glen Southworth makes "art" of this popular pastime.
The Laugh Zone— Mike Alvarado returns with Aznar.
frontiers in science
Mars: America's New Frontier— Some say a Mars venture is for another generation. Dr. Robert Zubrin says, "now."
What is Beauty?— What is it about some people that makes the rest of us sigh with envy?
Ask Dr. JudithDr. Judith offers sound advice for client's problems.
Herpes Makes Her Feel Dirty— A reader consults Dr. Judith about her herpes problem.

   Issue No. 27  

the fringe
House— The story of an abandoned domicile and the spell it held on one man.
Straightline Remote Sensing, Part 3— Entering the Abyss
Straightline Remote Sensing, Part 4— Reaching out.
Straightline Remote Sensing, Part 5— Between Time and Space. How we "see" the target.
people & places
The Burning Man— Banished to the desert, this annual event attracts thousands seeking an opportunity for expression.
Taking the Bully by the Horns— Advice for parents and kids on dealing with this common personality.
reader pics
Feature Poet— Andrew Jimenez of Florida.
arts & entertainment
When Dolls Aren't Really Dolls— Witness the magic of Doll Artist, Carliegh Hoff.
Birdwatching— A look at birds the way you never saw them. Glen Southworth makes "art" of this popular pastime.
Spine— Canadian songmaker, Veda Hille, nails together a variety of songs and styles.
Peace of Christmas— Original music, from Mike Peace, to make holiday memories by.
The Laugh Zone— Extraterrestrial humor from Grumpa and holiday humor from Robert Ryan (14 years).
frontiers in science
The Ramsey Case— Gary Thomas takes a look at the ransom note left on the Ramsey's stairway.
The Ramsey Case, Part 2— Inside the house, on the night of the crime—what happened? Who did it, and why?
The Cassini Probe— Has careless use of plutonium already doomed life on Earth? Shocking research says "yes."
Shifting Poles— Our thin-skinned Earth is not as stable as we thought.
Year 2000 and Beyond— From microwave ovens to missles, embedded chips could bring life to a grinding stop.
Ask Dr. JudithDr. Judith offers sound advice for client's problems.
Freak Accident— Does this mother have reason to worry?
Divorced Woman's New Love— Dating a married man will bring you down.

   Issue No. 26  

We are the Whirled— Is America spinning the world in to a breakdown or a breakthrough?
An Enlightening Look into the Eye of America— Do the prophetic symbols on the Great Seal indicate transformation?
the fringe
Straightline Remote Sensing— The first in a series of articles describing the remote sensing process.
Straightline Remote Sensing- Part 2— Learn the next exercise.
Lost Time— Two readers share their unusual encounters with something unexplained.
They Call Her Flipper— Miriam Garabrant uses what she calls "subsonic power" to heal people and relationships.
Jurrasic Art— The Ica Stones— Medical transplants and astronomy depicted on ancient stones exposed by flood.
Jurassic Art— Found in a Peruvian cave, these old stones suggest humans and dinosaurs lived together.
people & places
Relics of the Silver Screen— Marilyn Monroe's sunglasses and Superman's cape can be yours for the bidding.
Our Man Dan— Readers want to know about Dan Eden— Viewzone's own "Fox Mulder."
The Fields— A gigantic sculpture park and artists sanctuary revives the creative spirit.
arts & entertainment
Chewing Gum Art— A creative painter travels the globe to find tasty and colorful "paint."
Nigerian Sun— Artist, Chidi Okoye, shares the warmth of his culture and heritage.
The Foxhole— By Moody: November Reader Pic.
Web Fiction— November Reader Pic: Two interesting "high tech" short stories.
Through a Glass Clearly— The Name in the Coat.
Aznar's Psychosis— Cartoon by Mike Alvarado
Public Enemy No. 1— Why did the chicken cross the road? This may be the answer.
frontiers in science
The Psychology of Color Preference: Part 2— The color choices further explained.
The Amazing Brain Music Adventure— Stimulating your amygdala promises rich mental & spiritual rewards.
Synchronize Your Brain Waves— Brainwave synchronization controls your emotions and can change your destiny.
Cloaking Devices— Technology can now make anyone or anything disappear.
Neurolinguistics— An insight into how others get their message across.
A Face on Mars— The Mars Global Surveyor solves an old mystery.
Your Handwriting— Part 4- Are you a loner, or do you like crowds?
Your Handwriting— Part 5- A complete sample analysis, plus the last two of the nine steps.

   Issue No. 25  

the fringe
The Whaley House— America's most haunted? Come inside and see for yourself.
Catching Spirits on Film— Mike Roberge, Paranormal Researcher shares tips and trade secrets.
Testing Telepathy Under Hypnosis— A self-taught hypnotist describes encounters with telepathy.
Unusual Photos— Camera straps or spirits? Paranormal researchers, photo technicians and readers respond.
Remote Challenge— Find out how you did with testing your remote viewing abilities. An ongoing challenge.
people & places
The Great Wall of China— An American living in China shares her trip to the Great Wall.
Pigs as Pets?— They're clean and they're smart, but not everyone loves them.
Strange Undertakings— Paul Bearer could be the man of your dreams... or maybe your nightmares.
arts & entertainment
The Jazz Kid— At eleven years of age, sax player Ben Kincaid plays like a seasoned pro.
Stickman Jones— A New York City group with a sound worth listening to.
Masked Magic— Artist, Haywood L. Coffey's masks almost make themselves.
The Poets
Common Poets— Poetry born on the streets.
Secret Orders— Foodstyles of the rich and famous.
Halloween— A humorous point of view.
Through a Glass Clearly— Don't step on my blue suede shoes.
frontiers in science
Your Handwriting— What does it tell about you? Parts 2 & 3- Gary Thomas analyzes President Clinton's "zones."
Synchronicity— Is there something more to coincidence?
The Psychology of Color Preference— This simple test may reveal your main causes of stress and unhappiness.

   Issue No. 24  

the fringe
Remote Viewing— Who's watching whom? We may all have the ability to "see" what's happening miles away.
Remote Viewing a Grey Alien— A British remote viewer "connects" with an extraterrestrial and shares it with us.
ESP & LST— Science links psychic ability to the galaxy.
people & places
Hate Crimes in School— Where do they come from?
In Search of Lost Genes— Thousands of adoptees seek their genetic roots. Help is near.
Work— It's what makes the world go 'round.
arts & entertainment
Surreal Art— Master dollmaker, Ryochi Yoshida, shocks and amazes with his photos and fabrications.
The Poets
Feature Poet— Jason Dove of Louisianna.
Through a Glass Clearly— Beam me up, Scotty...
frontiers in science
Molecular Nanotechnology— Giant Amoebas Invade Cities? Tiny cubes could soon be walking the dog.
Your Handwriting— Part 1- Handwriting analyst, Gary Thomas reveals what your handwriting could say about you.
Kennewick Man— A 9,000 year old man found in Washington state is quickly buried in controversy.

   Expedition '98 Four Corners, Southwest United States  

This section may be slower loading due to heavy graphic content. Please be patient— It's worth the wait.
Navajo Land
Monument Valley— A brief stop at this awe inspiring site
Mystery Valley— Petroglyphs and pictographs. Echoes of an ancient settlement.
The Diné— People of the Canyon Land. Interview with Albert Laughter, Medicine Man.
The Long Walk— The story of Navajo exile.
The Coyote Legend— Ancient native legend of creation, as told by Albert Laughter, Medicine Man.
The Barringer Meteor Crater— A quick stop at the giant hole.
Hopi Country
Hopi: The Corn People— A brief history of the Hopi.
The Hopi: Struggle for tomorrow— What is the outlook for cultural preservation?
Sun Park: An Historic Moment— Join us as we become the first to enter and photograph ancient Hopi sites.
Awatovi— The remains of the oldest settlement in the country.
plains indians
Plains Indians Markings— A primer in preparation for the Colorado petroglyphs.
the picket wire people
Help solve the mystery!— A twelve page examination of petroglyphs, and an archeological dig. Photos galore!

   Our "way back" pages  

Time-tested favorites from our older issues.
the fringe
Conversing with Animals— Animal Communicator, Nedda Whittels, can tell you what's on your pet's mind.
Extraterrestrials— A passing fad?
frontiers in science
Telomeres— Science may have discovered immortality.
Ancient Mysteries— The Piri Re'is map of 1513.
Biorhythms— Check your biorhythms.
arts & entertainment
Oksana Baiul— What happened?
The New Poets— Where words are enough...
3D Gallery— A collection of photos that pop out from the screen. Don't forget to send for your 3D glasses.
Marilyn Parkinson Thrall— A visit to the studio of a talented sculptress.
Action Painting— A blend of color and motion.
Chippendale— Author, Lee Frank, takes the "Chippendale Challenge."
Repo Mane— One man's quest for thicker hair.
Nuts— Essential oils and your diet.
St. John's Wort— An ancient remedy fiinds its place in modern medicine.
Fiber— Do we really need it in our diet?
Do We Really Need Sleep?— How I survived (just barely) without sleep.
Breathe to Win— A guide to breathing techniques.
Water— Why drink it?
Stress— 10 simple stress reduction techniques.
Within Each Peach...— A reason to live.
The Invisible Color of Grey— Are older people invisible in the work force?
Remembering Great Achievements— Looking back with Barabara Ellen Hamann
Flying the Warthog— Inside the A-10 jet.

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