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Left Brain:Right Brain || JONESTOWN: the Truth || Origin of the Devil

NEW!  The Truth About Jonestown: Was this part of a CIA mind control program?
NEW!  Hugo Chavez calls Bush "the Devil" at UN assembly. His full transcript is here for your inspection. You decide.
NEW!  Deviant Conservative (Republican) Males -- Does being conservative encourage sex offenses against children?
NEW!  US to use microwave weapons against US citizens! -- Yes, it's finally come to this. Read and weep.
NEW!  Pipelines to 9/11 -- A well researched and eye-opening look at why we are at war by Netherlands researcher, Rudo de Ruijter.
NEW!  Clowns Attack US WMDs -- Dressed as clowns, three priests remind us of our own REAL WMDs.
NEW! Is Israel Blackmailing the US? Shocking details you need to know.
NEW! How The 2004 Election Was Rigged A detailed account by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
NEW! 911 Re-visited Remote controlled planes hit WTC and Pentagon?
They Know All About YOU! - Search engines store information about you and your searches... this will make you paranoid, for sure!
Israeli War Kills Children - A sad but familiar story.
NEW! More Bogus Osama Tapes The war against Islam will stop at nothing.

NEW! An Ancient Mystery that perhaps YOU can solve... Your comments are welcome.
Sheen speaks out on 911 hype. -Finally, people are beginning to discus the unthinkable.
NEW! How the shortsighted media got us in to the Iraq war. -- An excellent and intelligent summary by Jonathan David Morris.
NEW! Attack on Iran: A Looming Folly -A thought provoking article on the potential impact of all the current tough talk -- William Rivers Pitt.
NEW! Bird Flu - Is it as dangerous as we have been told? What's being done to stop it? Dan Eden explains.
The Philadelphia Experiment: Did the U.S. Navy really succeed in making a ship disappear? New evidence is revealed but the government continues to deny that the event aver happened. Who is correct? You decide.
A Weapon of Total Destruction was built in the Alaskan wilderness by the US military. Called "HAARP" it is based on Tesla's "death ray" and is capable of incredible destructive power.
More Underground Cities are being constructed in the rugged mountains of Russia. U.S. Officials openly worry that Russia has a secret agenda.

SMALLPOX: The Weapon There are growing fears that this deadly disease may re-appear in a more deadly form. Will you be prepared? Dan Eden tells all.
SV40: A Deadly Cure? Did someone create cancer and AIDS? Evidence is strong that polio vaccine contaminated 98 million Americans, resulting in millions of cancers. Now new evidence suggests that HIV/AIDS was also man made.

The Great Fluoride Scam: It was added to water and toothpaste as a mircale drug that prevented cavities... but it did something else. A must read!
You have been ripped off! Find out why your electric bill (America) has tripled in the past two years. When you learn about this greedy sheme you will be mad as hell.
Mars Revisited A detailed examination of Mars photographs seems to show some very unusual structures. Could these be sand dunes or something even more significant?

NEW! The Case for the Face on Mars Richard Hoagland and other Mars enthusiasts reveal the status of the face, and its future study.
A Phoenician Furnace and Fortress in Oklahoma?
It appears that another discovery has been made that will weigh in on the side of "diffusionists." ViewZone examines some curious ruins in the most unlikely place. Are they man made or natural?

OKLAHOMA COVER UP!  Government agents bulldoze the Oklahoma site believed to be a Phoenician furnace. Similar stories from New Zealand and Australia - what are they trying to hide?
Update October, 2001 Our crew returned from South Australia's Flinder's Range with samples of silimar phenomenon in the remote outback. Does this prove that this is a natural formation?

NEW! Depleted Uranium Remember the controversy about spent nuclear fuel? Well the problem has finally been solved.
Mystery Photo Perhaps you can solve the mysterious lines that appeared in the Alaskan wilderness. Read what others have suggested and give us your own opinion.
What's Happening In the Skies Over Serbia? - Strange weather and cloud formations worry scientists. A report by Golan Pavlovic in Serbia.

A Common Parasite Can Make Humans Stupid or Sexy Toxoplasma Godii is common in cats and infects 40% of all humans. Scientist now warn it can change human behavior.


Nikoli Tesla is the genius who invented the radio, electric generator and motor, the fluorescent light, alternating current (AC), and a "death ray weapon." He also had plans for wireless electrical transmission and a free energy source. But Tesla died ignored and broke in a New York hotel room... why? Viewzone salutes this remarkable man -- the "forgotten genius."
NEW! Alien Cells Discovered? -- Strange red cells from the sky are an enigma.
NEW! War in Space -- It's coming sooner than you can imagine. A look at the latest generation of beam weapons.
New Theory Unifies The Forces of Nature! A Russian scientist may just have found the "Holy Grail" of physics with this new theory of how the universe and matter are held together. The potential impact of this theory is awesome!
The North & South Pole are moving and scientists have begun to plot their last four positions. This explains why the climate has changed so much on Earth but why do the poles continue to shift?
What do your color preferences reveal? Take the famous Luscher Color Test and see what it reveals about your hidden personality.
What's Out There? A rogue planet or a compaion Sun seems to be causing cyclic catastrophes on our planet! Read the latest data here.
What causes sunspots? An exciting new theory sheds light on this mysterious cyclic phenomenon and suggests a new way to look at our Solar system.
What is Beauty? A look at what scientists know about what makes a person "handsome" or "pretty."
Molecular Nanotechnology Scientists may soon develop machines capable of reproduction and self-repair. Nanotechnology is the next revolution of man-made machines.
Left Brain Right Brain At least half of your brain will be happy to know this little known fact about our chief organ. This Dan Eden article has been updated with new photographs of famous people.
Neurolinguistics Are you a "word" person or a "visual" person? Neurolinguistics explained.
Cosmic Consciousness - an overused phrase assumes new significance in this brief conversation with brain scientist, T.D. Lingo, introduced and explained by his student, Neil Slade.
Is E.S.P. for real?
This recent report may shed some light on extra sensory perception.
E.S.P. and L.S.T. Psychic powers appear to be strongest when the center of our Galaxy is overhead. What could this mean?

Kennewick Man Update The latest news of the unfortunate battle over America's oldest skeleton. Who is this 9000 year old man?
Can humans be made immortal? Science has discovered what makes us age. Pundits predict that if you can stay alive for the next 20 years, you may not have to die!
A Miraculous Cure For Stroke Victims? A jazz musician has discovered some unexpected and dramatic results when using rhythm therapy with stroke victims!
Do Our Brains Have Gender? Research seems to show that homosexuality is caused by a hormonal "delay" during the first 6 weeks of life.
Handwriting Analysis is used by banks, police and government officials to learn about your hidden personality traits. How does this new science work?
Third Witness The true transcript of a hypnosis session that takes a patient into the future.
The Working Celtic Cross - Evidence is presented that the Celtic Cross was once a powerful navigation and surveying instrument in ancient times.

NEW! Marijuana Prevents Alzheimer's! Light up and remember.
NEW! Sadness:
The new plague of depression may be inherent in our changing culture.
Toribio Romo:
A real Mexican ghost? Gene Matlock reveals a national passion of spiritual dimensions.
An Alaskan Prophecy An Inuit spiritual leader speaks about the prophecies of the end times.
Remembering R. Crumb and ZAP COMIX. Another nostalgic trip with your guide, Dan Eden.

Salvia Divinorum: The Shaman Plant This legal drug is gaining popularity among the spiritually adept - others say it is the doorway to another world. Dan Eden investigates for the Zone.
Get High from Sunglasses? It's Dan Eden again - this time with a report on some hi-tech glasses that make the world a little more interesting.
Is there really snuff on the web? Viewzone looks at the darkest world of all on the internet. Not for the faint of heart!
The Great Wall of China A refreshing look at this famous landmark from a Western tourist.
Anatomic Dolls Realistic and haunting, this Japanese artist creates amazingly life-like dolls and figures.

Decorating with Feng Shui This ancient Asian art is explored and explained by Nancy Uon.
The Hopi - People of Corn Expedition 1998
This Native American tribe is the oldest and least changed of indigenous people. Witness their on-going struggle with modern culture.
The Dine Expedition 1998
Popularly known as the "Navajo," Viewzone asks questions of a Medicine Man in this exclusive and revealing interview.

NEW!  Ancient Ant People of Orion -- an interesting look at the mysterious Hopi culture and history.

NEW!  The mysterious Antikythera Mechanism -- Is this the world's first computer? (300 BC)

NEW!  The Phaistos Disc -- What is this odd 4000 year old object?

NEW!  Stone Spheres of Costa Rica -- Who made these ancient objects - and how?.

NEW!  Must We Rewrite Ancient History? Evidence that Turkey is the cradle of civilization?

NEW!  Who Brought the Mayas to Mexico? An examination of ancient Turkish links to meso-America.

NEW!  Are All the Biblical "Mesechs" in America? Scholar Gene Matlock traces ancient Asian links to Mexico's past.


The Queen of Sheba was perhaps the most important woman in history, yet her ancient kingdom is just now being uncovered in Yemen. The discovery coincides with certain prophecies of global changes.
NEW! Sheba and Solomon. Did these two remarkable people ever meet? New translations from David benAbraham shed light on the singificance of ancient texts.
Ancient Petroglyphs from around the world suggest a previously unknown, global civilization sailed around the Earth thousands of years ago. What is the evidence of a similar language and culture? Who were these people and where did they originate? This is a mystery begging to be solve, yet it is oddly ignored.
A Brazilian Mystery Weathered by thousands of years, a giant head, resembling Egypt's Sphinx, beckons explorers to Brazil. Does this ancient site hold the keys to a lost civilization?
Were Ancient Celts In Oklahoma? ViewZone visits a remote cave that is said to contain ancient Ogam inscriptions. Is this real or just a coincidence?
Pre-Babel Language Discovered Ancient alphabet found in Australia, Israel, Colorado (USA)and Yemen.
Proto-Hebrew in Colorado An amazing discovery finds a 3500 year old language in Southeast Colorado -- proof that an Asian migration came to the New World!
Sanskrit In Ancient America? An explorer finds a puzzling pictograph in America's Southwest. Could it be more evidence of cultural diffusion? You decide.
ATLANTIS is in Mexico?! This latest discovery will force many historians to look for this elusive lost continent much closer to home.
Carving the Cosmos: An Arizona Star Map in Stone? Did the early inhabitants of America's Southwest have an understanding of the constellations? Author and explorer, Gary David, describes a curious petroglyph and other evidence suggestive of the celestial influence on the First Americans.
 PART 2 of this amazing discovery!
Is the Hopi Deity Kokopelli an Ancient Hindu God? Gene Matlock provides yet another example of cultural diffusion in America.
Did ancient Hindus help write the Bible? Another well researched feature by award winning author, Gene Matlock.
Who Was Abraham? A surprising and well documented report on this Biblical figure.


A new theory about mankind's first language is revealed in this fascinating article. Many common words are analyzed and a translation program is posted.
Devil Lived
An interesting but shocking look at the ancient origins of the devil. Not for the faint of heart!
The Piri Reis Map was discovered in Turkey and shows evidence of ancient navigation routes and mapping of the entire globe. Who made this map?

The Sacred Thyia What does an Australian gum tree have to do with the seeds of Western civilization? An Australian arborist discovers a spiritual connection and lost history in this amazing story of the sacred tree. Why was this unique tree planted in the world's most sacred sites, like the Oracles at Thebes, Oasis Siwah, Dodona and Delphi?
Anomalous stones of Peru Since their discovery in South America, these carved stones have proved an enigma. Although they are old, they show what appears to be astronauts, dinosaurs and illustrations of open heart surgery! Are they for real or a monumental hoax? We would like your opinion after you view the amazing photographs.  More Information Here!
The Ophic Mysteries. The worship of snakes is the oldest foundation of virtually all religions. Enjoy a preview of this mysterious tradition.
30,000 Years Ago Yesterday:
A new look at Ancient Nasca and Egyptian Mythologies.
Did legendary Brendan the Navigator use a novel navigation device? Crichton Miller believes he has solved this and many other such mysteries.
Decoding and Translating Ogam
Edo Nyland shocks the academic circles with his theories of ancient languages! A Viewzone translation program is provided which translates Basque based Ogam script. A must read for serious historians and linguists.
152,800+ Dead

Coalition troops & Iraq civilians
All because of a lie.

NEW! Israel uses cluster bombs on Lebanon's civilians. Is there no shame?
Why the World Hates Us - some reasons to consider.
NEW! The Ancient Turkish-Hindu "Spiritual" Solution to War by Gene Matlock.

NEW! Lost History, Indeed!-- So much of our proud past has been lost in just a few years. Why? What happened to us? Also Interview with Abu Ghraib whistleblower.

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